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BOOST  $38

1 sweat or lymphatic session per month ($7 off per session, that’s like the price of a latte for you and a friend!)

10% off retail or additional services

RELAX  $144

4 sweats ($9 off per SWEATx 4 a month=$36 x12 months= $432 saved in a year)

Aren’t you savvy?

+ 20% off retail or additional services

+ 1 guest pass

DETOX $244

8 sweats ($14.5 off per sweat x8 a month=$116 x12 months=

$1,392 saved a year, Cha-ching!

20% off retail or additional services

1 guest pass

Punchcard $380

Mix & Match!

10 Infrared Sweats & Lymphatic Drainage sessions

Regular price session $45/ Punchcard Price per session $38

$70 saved! Now treat yourself to a facial!

Never expires

NEW* Mini -Punchcard $200

Mix & Match!

5 Infrared Sweats & Lymphatic Drainage sessions

That’s $5.00 off per session or $50 saved!

Never expires

SHAPE  $480

15 sweats

($13 off per session x 15= $195 saved a month x 12 months= $2,340,

Can you say nest egg?)

+20% off retail or additional services

+1 guest pass

Massage Membership $69/$99

One massage a month

 $69 for 60 minutes or $99 for 90 minutes

60 min. reg/ $85/ 90 min. reg. $130

$16 a month savings/$30 a month savings

Sign me up!

+10% off retail or additional services

The (not so) fine print

-All memberships except for our punchcard are monthly memberships with a 3 month commitment

 -All unused monthly membership benefits  roll over as long as the account is still active. Once account is deactivated, benefits are lost.

-Monthly billing will occur on the same date of account activation

-To avoid charges, please allow 24 hours notice for appointment cancellations

-Members receive priority booking at both City Sweat locations

-Monthly Membership benefits cannot be shared

-All monthly  memberships except for Punchcards and the Massage Membership allow one “sweat” guest pass a month. Guest passes do not roll over month to month.

Get Sweating!