City Sweats partners with the following local businesses:

Chaco Canyon:
Have you dined at Chaco Canyon lately? Bring in your receipt (within 15 days) and your next Infrared Sauna cabin, Infrared Sauna Wrap,  Lymphatic drainage or Biomat session $10 off. One per customer/ per month.




HeartBeet Organic Cafe:
City Sweats & HeartBeet Organic cafe have partnered to offer our clients a 3-Day Super Detox Cleanse package.
3 Infrared Detox Session (choose from Lymphatic Drainage or Infrared Sauna)  + with mineral tonics & 3 gallons of Fresh Juice from Heartbeet! Visit any City Sweats or Heartbeet locations to find out how to sign-up!




Project Violet:

 We’ve partnered with Project Violet, and encourage you to consider their cause. Project Violet’s mission is twofold: to develop a new class of anti-cancer compounds derived from nature that will attack cancer cells while leaving healthy cells untouched. And to fund that drug development via crowdfunding, or as Olson calls it, “citizen science.”