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 We’ve partnered with Project Violet, and encourage you to consider their cause. Project Violet’s mission is twofold: to develop a new class of anti-cancer compounds derived from nature that will attack cancer cells while leaving healthy cells untouched. And to fund that drug development via crowdfunding, or as Olson calls it, “citizen science.” 

I went for my first infrared wrap this morning. It was wonderful. The staff is very nice and professional, facility is very clean and great treatment! I feel fantastic! I immediately set up my next appointment and cannot wait to go back. Thank you!

Honey B.

Bothel, WA

Infrared sauna, to me, feels completely different than a conventional steam room.  Much deeper, yet not as hard to handle, either.  And the staff here are just great.  They’re low key, no sales come-on…Just helpful, peaceful.

Shanti M.

Seattle, WA

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